New laboratory building inaugurated

Wallstabe & Schneider invests 2.6 million euros at the Niederwinkling site
Head of laboratory Dr. Christian Güntner opens the new laboratory building with a symbolic key.
Head of laboratory Dr. Christian Güntner opens the new laboratory building with a symbolic key.

After a good year of construction, Wallstabe & Schneider’s new laboratory building was completed in November 2021. The seal manufacturer invested 2.6 million euros in the new building, where laboratory operations and materials development, a core competence of Wallstabe & Schneider, will take place in the future.

Around 100 guests of honour accepted the invitation to be present on 24 June when the new laboratory building of gasket manufacturer Wallstabe & Schneider was ceremoniously handed over.

Managing partner Christian Wallstabe introduced the company in his welcoming speech and particularly addressed the challenges posed by the changes in the automotive industry. Wallstabe & Schneider is therefore in the process of positioning itself more strongly with its products in seals for electromobility and drive-independent applications and is further expanding its business with seals for industrial applications.

Deputy District Administrator Barbara Unger delivered a greeting from the district of Straubing-Bogen, in which she emphasised the importance of the Wallstabe & Schneider company for the entire region. She praised the spirit of innovation that prevails here, which was rewarded in 2021 with the Top 1000 Award, which honours the 100 most innovative companies in the German SME sector. Niederwinkling Mayor Ludwig Waas emphasised the advantages of having such a successful company in the community; ultimately, the people of Niederwinkling also benefit from the success of one of the largest employers in the region.

IHK Vice-President Christoph Kämpf praised the voluntary commitment of the partners, who are closely associated with the IHK, and the sound training that young people have received at Wallstabe & Schneider for more than 60 years.

Managing Partner Jürgen Wallstabe took a look back at the historical development of the laboratory. Here he particularly emphasised the commitment of Dr. Rolf Schneider. He joined the company in 1966, built up the laboratory from the beginning and had a decisive influence on materials development. For this reason, the shareholders dedicated the new laboratory building to Dr. Rolf Schneider. His achievements are recorded on a plaque of honour, which was placed in the entrance area of the new building.

“For us as a materials developer and producer of precision seals, our development and testing laboratory is the heart of the company and our calling card on the market,” explained Technical Managing Director Kai Peters, who presented the new building together with Laboratory Manager Dr Christian Güntner.

On an area of around 370 m² on the ground floor, the laboratory staff carry out material analyses, raw material and special tests on seals. On the upper floor there is a modern office landscape with 22 workstations, which are used according to the principle of desk sharing. The employees no longer have a fixed workstation; they choose a place of their choice in the morning and vacate it again in the evening. Lockers are available for laptops and personal belongings. “With us, it is possible to work up to 50 per cent in a home office, so it is not necessary to have a separate workstation for each employee. The free workstations are open to colleagues from all departments, which promotes interdepartmental cooperation,” says Dr Güntner.

The pleasant atmosphere in the offices, the two meeting rooms and the creative space is also created by the latest ventilation technology, which was installed in the new laboratory building and enables draught-free air conditioning.

After the ceremony, the guests still had the opportunity to visit the new building and get an impression of the premises for themselves. (ew)