Consulting – Benefit from our Expert Knowledge!

We focus on the needs and individual requirements of our customers. During an intensive concept phase, we jointly develop optimal solutions for seals. Together, we define both the appropriate material and the best possible geometry. Intensive communication with our customers throughout the project phase contributes significantly to the quality of our seals and the satisfaction of our customers.


Compound Development – The Raw Material Determines the Properties

Wallstabe & Schneider produces a wide variety of elastomer compounds for the manufacture of seals on the basis of selected rubber grades. For raw material characterization and basic development, we use state-of-the-art testing equipment such as rubber capillary rheometers, Mooney viscometers or rubber process analyzers.

We check compound properties and their characteristic values in detail: These include hardness, density, tensile strength, elongation at break and tear resistance. We carry out DVR and ZVR tests, determine cold-face values (DMA and DSC), and analyze thermogravimetry and IR spectrometry.

Many of our compound formulations have been developed by our team of materials experts according to our customers' requirements. Our compounds have proven themselves in practice and have been certified by well-known automotive manufacturers as well as independent testing institutes.

Product Development – Digital Twin Improves Development Process

In the product development process, we use a virtual model of the new gasket to be developed, the so-called "digital twin". This enables us to accelerate and continuously improve the development process from the design of the seal to the production of the series parts.

Based on a CAD model, FE simulations are carried out to predict the behavior of the seal in the installed condition. Filling simulations support the definition of the tool concept and the manufacturing parameters. To support digital development, we also offer rapid prototyping samples so that the digital design can be supplemented with real validation tests as quickly as possible.

From Prototype to Series Production

Our specialized team develops modern manufacturing concepts in our own technical center. This begins with prototype production, continues with tool test, then customer-specific sampling according to automotive standards. The aim is to be able to hand over stable series processes to production.

Own Compound Production

In our own in-house mixing department, we produce over 200 different blends on two mixing lines with strainer technology. We test new mixture compositions with the help of our laboratory mixer. All our standard and special mixes are based on current industry standards. Raw material development and compound production take place under one roof at our company, so we are able to respond to our customers' requirements with the greatest possible flexibility.

Tool Development and Tool Making – Form Becomes Functional

Our specialists develop optimal tooling solutions on powerful 2D and 3D CAD systems. Small prototype tools are manufactured in-house on modern toolmaking machines. This enables us to implement customer requirements quickly and flexibly.

The production of complex series tools is carried out by long-standing partner companies from the region, which have specialized in precise and high-quality tool making.

Thanks to in-house mold design, cooperation with specialized manufacturers and the company's own mold maintenance, Wallstabe & Schneider realizes individual injection molds quickly and reliably.


We Bring the Seal into Shape

Once the planning process is complete, it's time for series production. Our digitally networked machinery offers the possibility of manufacturing a wide variety of products in the highest quality thanks to its wide range. We have horizontal and vertical injection molding machines as well as vacuum hydraulic presses and use heating time controls, valve gate and cold runner technology in the production process, among other things. In addition, we have completely automated our composite part production by using robot technology.

Secondary Processes – For the Perfect Finish

Various annealing and deburring processes make the seal stable, elastic and burr-free. With our special cleaning equipment, we can offer technical component cleanliness in accordance with VDA 19 guidelines.

Trust, but Verify!

Our automatic testing machines perform a 100 percent inspection of the finished seals. With up to eight sensors, 35 cameras and a 3D inspection unit, O-rings, profile seals, frame seals, composite parts and precision molded parts are subjected to dimensional, surface and crack inspections as well as spring characteristic tests, and defective parts are sorted out. Where the product requires it, we also carry out manual inspections.

Certified Quality

We plan the quality of our products and processes at the time of creation, thus creating the prerequisite for smooth series production. Error prevention based on the "zero defect principle" is a priority.

Quality is an important component of our business success. That is why we are committed to constantly developing and improving our processes. We reliably and painstakingly implement the quality requirements of our customers and pass them on to our employees, suppliers and service providers. We see ourselves as a continuously learning company and develop the competence and know-how of our employees in a targeted manner.

Wallstabe & Schneider's quality management is certified according to ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 at all locations. In addition, our customers distinguish us as preferred suppliers.

Warehouse and Logistics

Our modern logistics building with well thought-out storage and effective transport logistics makes us a flexible and reliable partner.

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), we can take advantage of special benefits in customs clearance. This label proves that Wallstabe & Schneider is particularly reliable and trustworthy.

Our procedures for the shipment of air freight meet special safety standards, which is why we have received approval as a "Known Consignor" from the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA). This enables us to quickly handle air freight shipments to our customers.