Wallstabe & Schneider donates 37,106 euros to Ukraine aid projects

Sports kilometres, private donations and corporate donations go to six different institutions
Technical Managing Director Kai Peters (left) and Managing Partner Christian Wallstabe (right) with the symbolic donation check.
Technical Managing Director Kai Peters (left) and Managing Partner Christian Wallstabe (right) with the symbolic donation check.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has triggered an international wave of willingness to help. The Niederwinkling-based seal manufacturer Wallstabe & Schneider also donated the proud sum of 37,106 euros to various Ukraine aid projects.

6,256 euros of this amount were collected by the employees of the automotive supplier in a two-week campaign for Ukraine. 41 employees got active and together achieved 6,256 kilometers, spread over a wide variety of sports. Cycling, running, inline skating, hiking and indoor cycling are just a few of them. Every sport that can be measured in kilometers counted. Wallstabe & Schneider converted these kilometers into euros and, together with the employees’ private donations of 850 euros, the total sum of 7,106 euros will benefit the aid organization “Doctors without Borders”. “With this campaign under the motto “Doing good for yourself and others”, we have found a great way to combine health promotion for our employees with the willingness to donate within the company,” explains Managing Partner Christian Wallstabe, who also took part in the sports campaign together with his fellow Managing Director Kai Peters.

The remaining 30,000 euros went to various institutions working to provide humanitarian aid in Ukraine and for war refugees: the International Committee of the Red Cross received a donation, as did the organization “Reporters Without Borders,” which supports, among others, Ukrainian journalists reporting directly from the war zone. Another part of the donation will go to the Nymphenburg Benefit Society. Under the patronage of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria, this organization is active in the region bordering Romania and Ukraine. From there, food and aid supplies are transported across the border and refugees arriving in Romania are cared for.

The Rotary Hilfswerk Deggendorf and the municipality of Niederwinkling are committed to helping Ukrainian refugees in the region. Both use the donation from Wallstabe & Schneider, among other things, for the integration of the refugees into working and everyday life. (ew)