As space-saving, easily installed, secure and yet inexpensive sealing elements, O-rings have proven to be indispensable in countless applications from almost all fields of engineering.
Our O-rings satisfy the highest demands on tolerances, design and installation ease, and are suitable for static and dynamic applications.

O-rings are made from high grade, standard or special technical materials that are the preferred choice for leading automakers and suppliers given the consistently high level of quality.

Wallstabe & Schneider manufacture O-rings in various designs according to the ISO 3601 (DIN 3771) standard, or custom products to suit individual requirements, including special surface coatings.

Naturally, Wallstabe & Schneider are also a source of application-oriented expert advice. One such service is designing the optimum seal cross section.


Our O-rings meet highest demands on tolerances, design and installation ease.